The intention of the architect was to design a luxurious apartment for an active married couple, who normally lives in the countryside 200 km away from Warsaw, but would like to enjoy the cultural life of the capitol. The designing process was a huge pleasure - it is not often the case that an architect has a chance to work for people he understands and truly likes. 

He had to find ways to make the designed space correspond to the building combining new and old architecture. It is always difficult to blend modern and historical parts of design, but searching the history of the place and looking for fitted objects that would match to the rest, made the designing process both more challenging and more interesting. As a result, the interior design of the apartment is intentionally coherent with the architecture of the entire building, constructed with great attention to historical detail. 

The architect has used design elements typical for interiors of Warsaw from the XIX and XX century, combining them with the new modern ones. The decor of the flat is complemented by works of Polish artists from the XX century: Leszek Nowosielski, Jerzy Mierzejewski and Henryk Musiałowicz. The classical sculpture was made by Tomasz Górnicki, contemporary Polish sculptor.

A’Design Award for my design!
I am pleased to share information about another recognition of my achievements.


Area: 120 sqm
Stylization: Aldona Bejnarowicz
Photo: Piotr Gęsicki

Publication: Elle Decoration 1/2024




MDM Apartment Residential House has been awarded the A' Design Award and Competition in Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category.
„…Architect Roland Stańczyk has designed an apartament that stylistically fits into the architectural style of MDM –social realist city district built on the ruins of post-war Warsaw. Details of the designed furniture and doors correspond to Polish ornamentation from the 40s and 50s. New bespoke furniture has been juxtaposed with those renovated in art deco style. The décor of the flat is complemented by paintings of the Polish artists from the first half of XX century.
Published Elle Decoration 3/2023.



Area: 70 sqm
Stylization: Budzik Studio
Photo: Budzik Studio



It is not often the case that an architect has a chance to work for someone he knows well and truly likes. I was lucky to design the investor’s former apartment some years ago which was a big advantage. We kicked off with mutual trust and understanding. We both wanted to design a luxurious urban apartment for an active businesswoman.

Four-storey apartment building was erected on the edge of one of Warsaw parks. The place, immersed in stunning nature, is only 10 minutes’ drive from the city center. It is an excellent, prestigious location. From east and south the 160 square meters apartment is surrounded by large terraces that enlarge available space by additional 60 square meters. From the level of the second floor the apartment overlooks heavily-wooded park with a picturesque lake and a hill with a ski-lift. Living area of this open to three sides apartment is penetrated by the sun from dusk till dawn.

The budget was considerable because of high standards of solutions used by the developer, particularly ventilation and heating installations as well as smart installation in KNX standard.

The photo shoots and the publication (CZAS NA WNĘTRZE 10/2019) were a great pleasure.

I am also pleased to announce:

"...Architect Roland Stanczyk (RS Studio Projektowe) has won The European Property Award in the category of Interior Design Apartment with “The Apartment Next to the Park”. The award ceremony will take place at The Royal Lancaster Hotel on 24th October 2019 in London."

Area: 160 sqm
Stylization: Urszula Niemiro
Photo: Hanna Długosz, photo of the details: Tomasz Markowski




Warsaw high budget realization. Challenging because of high standards of solutions, particularly carpentry and stone work, ventilation and heating installations as well as smart installation in KNX standard.


The photo shoots were published in ELLE Ddecoration 1-3/2022. 


Thank you to all involved.



Area: 450 sqm
Stylization: Urszula Niemiro
Photo: Hanna Długosz



Area: 60 sqm
Stylization: Budzik Studio
Photo: Budzik studio



The showcased photos of interiors created according to my design were published in Weranda magazine. Previously I showed this residence / those interiors in the arrangement compatible with my primary view as an architect. For the needs of the photo shoot, Ms Agnieszka Głowacka, the stylist, gave the interiors her individual character. Blue accessories contrast with the monochromatic background. Thanks to the carefully selected add-ons the house gained a completely new look and feel. The author of photos, Ms Aneta Tryczyńska skillfully captured how the house is illuminated on a sunny day.


The photo shoot and the publication were a great pleasure.


Area: 350 sqm
Stylization: Agnieszka Głowacka
Photo: Aneta Tryczyńska



The house is designed in a classic, elegant style. Oak flooring contrasts with the bright doors and furniture. The four wing sliding doors open kitchen to the living room and dining area. Centrally located fireplace with portal made of frosted marble separates living area from the TV room. The Art Deco-inspired study is located close to the entry of the house. The lamp designed and created especially for this interior is plated 24K gold. The staircase leads to the adapted attic.

Area: 350 sqm
Location: Konstancin near Warsaw
Photo: Tomasz Markowski




The store is located in a historic building of Warsaw Saski Hotel on Bankowy Square.

Huge window displays overlook the square while the entrance is situated in the passage leading to the inner courtyard.

The building had been modernized with great attention to detail and maintaining its previous look. Interior design of the store was made compatible with the architecture of the entire building, but at the same time, it made possible to expose and sell high-class alcoholic beverages. When planning spatial arrangement of the store, I intended to show its interior through huge windows from the side of Bankowy Square as well as through the glass wall in the gate leading to the patio.


Area:  150 sqm
Lokation: Fine Wine&Spirits, Plac Bankowy 1, Warszawa
Photo: Tomasz Markowski


Daily living area in the five-room apartment is distinctly separated from the private part. Both sections are joined with a corridor featuring a black and white polished marble floor.

The kitchen combined with the dining room is parted from the living area by a high kitchen furniture with built in side-by-side refrigerator and ovens. Kitchen components were designed to correspond to elegant Selva and Theodore Alexander furniture in the living and dining rooms.

All furniture with white lacquered wood were designed by me especially for this interior.
The apartment loosely corresponds with art deco.


Area: 160 sqm
Stylization: By the owner
Photo: Tomasz Markowski




Natural stone is a very noble finishing material. It is often used in modern interiors as the material for flooring, wall facing, stairs and countertops. The most commonly applied stone is granite, marble, travertine, basalt, sandstone, limestone, quartzite and onyx. Besides the choice of the material, diverse surface treatment gives a lot of possibilities and adds a third dimension to the outer layer. Different finishes can completely change the look of the same stone.

Modern processing technologies and impregnation of stone allow for expanding its use. Stone can be used for manufacturing wash basins, bathtubs, shower trays as well as furniture and lamps. We can use stone slabs instead of traditional furniture fronts, stone elements can also replace traditional paneling and molding.

The use of stone in the project requires extensive knowledge and experience. Interior designer can entrust the installation of stone only to most artful contractors.


When designing interiors, I strive to endow them with distinctive yet consistent character. For these reasons I often design furniture and furniture settings. Sometimes, it is the only a table that complements lounge furniture in the living room. At other times, it is a great plane of veneered walls that set the character of the whole interior.

For many years, I have been cooperating with the best carpentry workshops that carry out projects according to my design all over the country. Expert Polish artisanship is acclaimed around the world. Together with the best Polish carpenters, stonemasons, locksmiths, leatherworkers and upholsterers I had the pleasure to realize my designs in the United States, Great Britain and Germany.



I am pleased to announce: I am the winner!


European Property Awards is an acclaimed distinction in Poland. It helps to build the company’s renown and positions the architect in the group of the best professionals, allowing to reach international audience. Determined to earn my place in the group of winners, I have resolved to enter the competition in the category: „Residential Interior – Apartment”


Architect Roland Stanczyk (RS Studio Projektowe) has won an award in the category of Interior Design Apartment with “The Apartment Next to the Park”. The award ceremony will take place at The Royal Lancaster Hotel on 24th October 2019 in London


November 2020 - March 2021

We are close to the end of project realization. New target elements are coming regularly. In the pictures, you can see a modern fireplace in the form of tiled stove. The tiles were custom made especially for this implementation.




Area:  300 sqm
Lokalization: Turek, woj.wielkopolskie


I designed the interiors for many different companies. Some of them are big international corporations, other function without much publicity. I approached each project with equal commitment and care, presenting ideas and building solutions tailored to the individual needs and budget of the client.

Public utility buildings that I have designed can be viewed anytime - they are a permanent element of Warsaw urban landscape. It is more difficult to present the interiors of private investors. Some of them are shown on my website.

I deliberately selected photos that reflect the diverse character of realizations.

Investors who keep on coming back to me with next residential or commercial projects are my best recommendation. During our cooperation frequently it turned out that it is not only about business relations, that we have much more in common. Therefore, I am in a steady, friendly contact with many of my clients.


  • Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark
  • Wella Poland
  • TVP S.A.
  • POSK, London
  • D-Coded International
  • SHERATON Warsaw
  • Best Western Hotels
  • Polbita
  • AVIVA Commercial Union
  • Silk&Stone
  • Internity SA
  • Fine Wine&Spirits
  • Polskie Pierogarnie
  • Hawełka
  • Exitus

My realizations were repeatedly presented in interior magazines. In press I also acted as an expert commenting on interesting solutions from many industries related to the process of creating and implementing a project. 

Many relaizations of my projects can be viewed online. I work with: 

Selected Press Articles
Selected articles from online publications

I founded RS STUDIO PROJEKTOWE in 1999.

In 1994 I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology. I also studied at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Detroit. In years 1992-2006 I was an associate of the Institute of Computer-Aided Architectural Design at the Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology.

Between 1994 and 2005 I was dealing with studio and visual design for television programs in the department of Computer Techniques of Polish National Television. 

For the last 20 years, I have been designing interiors of residences, apartments and public utility buildings in Poland, and for the last 5 years, also in United States and Great Britain. As a result of my work, many older buildings had been thoroughly renovated and regained their past greatness.


I have designed interiors of offices, beauty salons, SPAs, stores as well as pubs and restaurants. Also flagship stores and stone and woodwork showrooms have been created on the basis of my projects.

An important part of my work is designing furniture, a process in which I utilize extensive knowledge of carpenter’s, stonemason’s and locksmith’s craftsmanship.

I have acquired valuable experience in supervising the realization of projects through cooperation with the most demanding investors. I continue to develop my architectural and design skills. I participate in trade fairs and visit factories and showrooms of the leading producers. I observe world trends and continuously attempt to translate the gathered knowledge into the language of form used in my designs.

Two years ago, together with my friends, I founded Polish Associations Of Interior Architects (“SAW”).

I invite you to take a closer look at the results of my work on RS STUDIO PROJEKTOWE website.



The project development is a long-term process, requiring a good contact between the investor and the architect.

Mutual understanding is a necessary condition for the creation of a project that will bring joy and satisfaction to both parties.
I always suggest direct meeting, where I introduce the formula of cooperation, to fit a specific project

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